Joyce Prigot Bellingham Art

Painters working during the Tuesday night Drawing/Painting Sessions at BellinghamART.


a private art academy in Bellingham, Washington
1701 Ellis Street, Creekside Building, Bellingham, WA 98225
Lynn Zimmerman, Director (360) 738-8379

Workshop Instructor - Prigot taught advanced teens and adults drawing and oil and pastel painting in classes and in focused 2- to 5-day workshops for seven years. It is a great school that provides individual attention and useful projects. Interested students from age five and up may request workshops on specific topics such as but not limited to color control, charcoal or pencil drawing, figures, abstracts, landscapes, portraits, and still-life painting. Weekly camps run in the summer.

For information about scheduled classes and possible workshops, contact Lynn Zimmerman at (360) 738-8379 or e-mail her at or go to the school’s website: